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We cut out the middleman to make advertising simple.

Most business owners use Google, Meta and other platforms as expensive but necessary tools to reach your target audience online.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

When you join BAU, you'll have the opportunity to connect with the exact type of complementary businesses that have access to your desired customer, meaning you get attention from the right prospects and can attract sales and clicks without the hassle.

Imagine a construction contractor attracting new clients by reaching the audience of a nearby real estate broker.

Or say you run a coffee shop—now you can partner up with a nearby donut or bagel business and get your ads shown directly to their viewership on our platform. BAU lets you take advantage of industries that naturally appeal to consumers together in order to reach the right buyers and send the right message.

Why BAU?


Let's face it: most ads are misplaced annoyances that people can't wait to skip over. Ad views on BAU solely get seen by your specific target audience, meaning better results with no exposures wasted on people you don't want to appeal to.


Digital advertising is like the housing market—prices just keep barreling upwards, driven by competition. At BAU, we're bucking the trend. You could save a fraction of what you would on a monthly ad budget compared to what you'd waste on "the big guys," increasing R.O.I. and making advertising a no-brainer.


BAU compiles straightforward, up-to-the-minute reports with results that let you know how your ads are doing at a glance. Update, suspend, or alter your campaign at any time.


No tech stuff, no setup wizards, no degree in computer science needed. We built BAU to be simple enough for Grandma to use, without all the jargon and learning curve.


BAU is all about symbiotic relationships within your local community. Not only do people like to buy where they live, but it also makes it more cost-effective and seamless for you, the business owner.

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