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About sBAU

In a world where everyone is trying to out-compete each other using the same expensive strategies, sBAU was founded to give small but growth-oriented businesses a powerful opportunity to win.

The BAU Team

Lambert O Egbuchulam

Chief Executive Officer

Kyle K Yu

Chief Technology Officer

We don’t just understand the challenges that small businesses face, but we have also been through them. A lot of other small businesses have these problems too. 50% of every business started, has failed to last more than 5 years.

Growing up with small business owners as parents, life wasn’t always as favorable for Lambert. His parents were constantly stressed about survival of their business. That’s why he set out on a mission to help business owners scale through sBAU.

Helping business owners showcase their products in an easier way for customers is our mission. Our network allows businesses to exclusively stream their content and engage their audience in real time, providing a powerful and effective way to reach customers and build relationships.

In addition to streaming, we also offer other services designed to support small businesses. From marketing and advertising to technical assistance and training, we are committed to making a positive impact on local communities.

Seize the moment and don’t miss out on this proven and effective opportunity to scale. Thanks for choosing sBAU and giving us an opportunity to help your business succeed.

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