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About BAU

In a world where everyone is trying to out-compete each other using the same expensive strategies, BAU was founded to give small but growth-oriented businesses a powerful opportunity to win.

At BAU, we believe it shouldn't be about who has the biggest ad budget or most genius marketing team —we dream of a world where needs are met and businesses are built based on honest, local collaboration.

Bread Seller

By connecting local businesses and having them help advertise each other, we're inspiring commerce to be more simple, more honest, and more clear.

We consider our business model to be super-charged word-of-mouth, updated and revolutionized for our digital age.

We invite you to join us on our crusade to bring the power back to the small businesses as we create marketing opportunities that don't just create profits... they also empower people.

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The BAU Team

Lambert O Egbuchulam

Chief Executive Officer

Kyle K Yu

Chief Technology Officer

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